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Modular buildings started to become popular these days. Modular buildings are more proven than the traditional construction today. This is because each modular home can be traced to a manufacturer that has a long established successful track record. A traditional building relies on the current construction firm which most likely does not have a track record that goes back 50 years or 60 years in the case of Liberty Homes modular manufacturer. For More Info Visit http://www.modularhomesofillinois.com

Modular buildings appreciate and gain value the same way traditional buildings do. Once a modular building is completely assembled, it is near impossible to tell the difference between it and a stick built home that is why modular buildings appreciate in value.
Each modular building manufacturer has thousands of different designs to select from. In addition you can with no trouble customize the windows, doors, siding, colors etc. Modular buildings make it very easy to have a custom looking home at an affordable price.